Rewind Trauma Therapy

Rewind Trauma Therapy

(for ages 4 years upwards, Teens and adults)

This is a brief therapy amounting to 1-4 sessions only.

Having the therapy is comfortable and an effective treatment for PTSD symptoms and Phobias.

Rewind can reduce or even remove traumatic or phobic symptoms quickly, using guided imagery & relaxation to reduce negative emotional & psychological symptoms. 

The Iartt state ‘Closure without disclosure’ – as when having the therapy by disassociating your self during the exercise avoids re-traumatisation of your traumatic event.

Rewind can permanently stop the involuntary recall. It has a success rate of 90% and is widely used by Hillsborough survivors, veterans and the St John Ambulance service.

Since using this therapy I have found clients have permanently removed all heir flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, improved sleep issues and have been able to move on with their life.

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