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Would recommend to others

To respect clients confidentiality I’ve used the client number CC1110

Was able to talk through thoughts and tackle problems.

very satisfied.

i would definitely recommend to others. It helped me to sort out thoughts and feelings.


On behalf of client CC1110

To respect clients confidentiality the clients number is NP818

I felt I could to to Jane about anything without being judged.

would highly recommend

Therapy pets had calming affect

Client number NP818

Affordable and Relatable

Jane is a very down to earth woman that makes you feel welcome and comfortable the moment you step in the door.
I entered the therapy somewhat nervous and skeptical, soon finding my feet and feeling as though I can confess the world to her without judgement.

I can't recommend Jane's counselling enough, especially if you're shy and not fond of having to speak first or pick topics yourself - you'll very quickly find yourself blabbing away the hours before you even realize it.

Danielle A

Counselling really helped

I was really dubious and going for counselling initially but Jane made me feel totally reassured. Jane is so easy to talk to and is a lovely friendly person. The therapy room was lovely and welcoming and what I would describe the art work as 'a room with a view'.
Jane listened attentively to my story and worries.  She used technique using shells to enable me to visualise  support/friends around me, and to help me open up.   During my therapy I had some time with the therapy animals, which helped me relax and this really cheered me up.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jane as a Counsellor.

Sue Parks

Benefical service

Jane is a very welcoming and caring person, who offers a comfortable and safe space. The pets involved in the therapy were friendly, affectionate and easy to engage with.
Altogether a helpful and unique experience I would recommend to others.

Linda Walker