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Excellent supervision, very professional, warm and welcoming

Having used Jane for professional supervision, I gained a really valuable insight into different ways of working with clients.
Jane is incredibly approachable and nothing was too much trouble!
Jane was always happy to share different tools and ideas to help me with my clients and to look at different ways of approaching clients issues.

Rachel Wright

I would recommend her to anyone in need of counselling support.

Jane is an amazing lady who has helped me through a particularly difficult time in my marriage. I can only but thank her for her kindness, understanding, professionalism and excellent advice. I would recommend her to anyone in need of counselling support.

Jennifer Hay

I cannot recommend it enough!

After a few months working with Jane on not only my trauma, but also my self esteem, i've really come a long way in life. i've been able to branch out of town and get a job elsewhere and have set boundaries for myself which i wouldn't have been able to do previously, all because of the rewind therapy i was going through. it's really effective and i cannot recommend it enough!

Rebecca Magson

Highly recommend Jane for Counselling, AAT and Rewind Trauma Therapy.

Counselling, Animal-Assisted therapy, and Rewind Therapy (July to September 2020)

I have been seeing Jane for several months and have found a very positive change in my mental health. I have learnt social skills and how to manage difficult situations, and having therapy cats present makes the experience even more welcoming. I highly recommend rewind trauma therapy, as it drastically changes how you view your trauma in a short timespan and alleviates any discomfort whilst providing long term results. I can't recommend Jane enough!

Nina Stocks

Review of Counselling by Jane & Animal Assisted Therapy Services

After several months of experiencing the counselling support of Jane, I now feel I’m in a position to offer my thoughts on this matter.
I came to counselling as a result of my daughter’s advice. I was not very well at the time and had personal reservations about this decision.
However, it has been an extremely important development for me.
I appreciated several factors about the process. Jane was an extremely good listener and continually raised significantly important questions. She helped me to move my thinking to a much more positive process, from a situation in which I had lost confidence in my own abilities, I have now been able to experience a much more positive engagement with these memories and abilities.
Having counselling has been a really positive development for me and I have no doubt about the significance of the changes I have experienced and the role that Jane's skills and consistent reliability have contributed to this change.
Also, a factor that I never anticipated was the presence of the two Siamese/Tonkinese therapy cats in each session. They clearly added to the therapeutic nature of the engagement, in which they helped me to relax.
I am now going to carry on with the counselling sessions because of the clear benefits for me.
Professor Len Barton

Professor Len Barton

Highly recommended, love coming

Five-star review from Google - client age 16

Love coming for Therapy with her and her cats really helps to talk and get stuff off my chest and the cats are really soothing and love attention. Highly recommend if you live in the area and need to talk to someone.


Client AC719

Massive change myself thanks to Jane and her Therapy pets

Five-star review from Google - client age 18

Very friendly and welcoming place and has really helped having the talking therapy along with Animal Assisted Therapy. Since coming here, I've noticed a massive change in myself thanks to Jane and her lovely pets



Emily B

Significant improvement from Counselling

Feedback form completed by the client. The client has had amazing results starting at evidence based sore of 66 down to 3, showing significant improvement.

The client has agreed for me to post his photograph with Therapy cat Molly

Client LB519

Counselling & Animal Assisted Therapy, a very good professional service

Five-star Review brought from google - Client age 16

Very Good professional service. The use of therapy animals really enhances the experience. Significant improvement after the first few weeks.

Jane R

Counselling & Animal Assisted Therapy Service

Jane counselled my 16 year old son for 8 sessions with the help of therapy cat Neisha. Both Jane and Neisha helped him to relax and talk about his issues. At the end of the 8 sessions his results showed his stress and anxiety had signifcantly reduced.

Jane F

Counselling and Animal Assisted Therapy

Client CF719

Jane has been carrying out CBT for my 12 year old son, Charlie for the last 8 weeks. This therapy has really helped Charlie with his troubles, worries and anxiety. He is a lot less stress now than he was 8 weeks ago. Jane has listened to him, given him activities to carry out and coping strategies when having panic attacks. I would recommend Jane to others. She has been great with Charlie.

Molly and Neisha loving Charlie

Core evidence-based score at the start of therapy was 14 after 8 weeks the score dropped to 6, showing improvement by more than half in only 8 weeks!

Lindsey Flintoft

Friendly and professional

I would highly recommend Jayne's services to schools, families or individuals. Jayne is friendly, very easy to talk to and makes both adults and children feel at ease. My daughter enjoyed spending time with Jayne and her dogs. A fabulous service.


Such a positive experience

Client age 17 - 10 sessions - anxiety

When everything else didn’t work at home, it was really positive to find a solution that did. Jane’s counselling was a step-by-step process that helped to overcome issues in an easy, positive and relaxed way. With lots of helpful handouts and videos available it was easy to understand where my thoughts were coming from and how they can be changed and handled. Jane talked to me in a very down to earth way that helped to reassure and comfort me throughout the whole counselling process. The animals, especially Neisha the cat, were very friendly and affectionate and helped to make me feel more at ease to open up. I would highly recommend Jane and her animal assisted therapy to anyone needing help.

Amelia C

Counselling and interactions with the therapy pets

Information is taken from the feedback sheet after therapy ended.

(The clients number is LB118. The client has given permission to use her photographs, showing her interactions with the therapy pets.).

The client had weekly Counselling and Animal Assisted Therapy sessions 23.11.18 to 21.5.19

Taking into account your general overall experience of the counselling, would you recommend it to others? 

Client reply - Yes, very good

CORE evidence-based scores taken every 8 weeks showed points - 93, then 77, then 62, showing good improvement with mood, functioning, well-being overall.

Client reply - I'm happy with it.  It helped me be more reflective.  My anxiety before therapy was 10/10 after therapy 5/10. I had interactions with all the cats, which really helped calm my anxiety.

The client has given permission to use her photographs showing her interactions with the therapy pets.


Would recommend to others

To respect clients confidentiality I’ve used the client number CC1110

Was able to talk through thoughts and tackle problems.

very satisfied.

i would definitely recommend to others. It helped me to sort out thoughts and feelings.


On behalf of client CC1110

To respect clients confidentiality the clients number is NP818

I felt I could to to Jane about anything without being judged.

would highly recommend

Therapy pets had calming affect

Client number NP818

Affordable and Relatable

Jane is a very down to earth woman that makes you feel welcome and comfortable the moment you step in the door.
I entered the therapy somewhat nervous and skeptical, soon finding my feet and feeling as though I can confess the world to her without judgement.

I can't recommend Jane's counselling enough, especially if you're shy and not fond of having to speak first or pick topics yourself - you'll very quickly find yourself blabbing away the hours before you even realize it.

Danielle A

Counselling really helped

I was really dubious and going for counselling initially but Jane made me feel totally reassured. Jane is so easy to talk to and is a lovely friendly person. The therapy room was lovely and welcoming and what I would describe the art work as 'a room with a view'.
Jane listened attentively to my story and worries.  She used technique using shells to enable me to visualise  support/friends around me, and to help me open up.   During my therapy I had some time with the therapy animals, which helped me relax and this really cheered me up.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jane as a Counsellor.

Sue Parks

Benefical service

Jane is a very welcoming and caring person, who offers a comfortable and safe space. The pets involved in the therapy were friendly, affectionate and easy to engage with.
Altogether a helpful and unique experience I would recommend to others.

Linda Walker

Audio feedback from a client