What happens when you book

What the initial introductory and assessment session is
When you phone or email, you will be offered a chance to come and meet me face-to-face.  The first 30 minutes is FREE and then if you want to carrying on, I then go on to do an assessment, which takes about another hour.


What you need to bring

Assessment fee – Individual £25.00

Assessment fee – Couple £40.00

To the the initial introductory session  please bring the assessment fee, and the Advanced Counselling Payment –  as this in payable before the Therapy starts, then the counselling fee is due each week thereafter.  (This advanced payment will be retained if you fail to give the required notice, or fail to attend any sessions including the ending session).


Example of payments –

An individual would pay £25 assessment fee plus £35 advanced Counselling fee, so a total of £60, then £35 per week.

A couple would pay £40 assessment fee, plus £55 advanced payment, so a total of £90, then £55 per week.


Counselling Prices

Individuals £35.00 per hour

Couples – £55.00 per hour

Groups – £25 per person per hour


Please bring proof of any holidays you have booked ahead, which may infringe on counselling time (if any).


Animal Outreach prices are available by phoning Jane or on my website www.creaturecomfortscounselling.co.uk


Ongoing sessions
Sessions are an hour in duration and can go on for as long as needed.  Payment for each session is payable each week thereafter,  a week in advance.